UPDATED: 04 November, 2005

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New for this year is our Featured Artist Award, which was awarded to Lawrence artist Constance Ehrlich. Constance was selected by a panel of judges comprised of former commissioned Lawrence ArtWalk graphic artists and the Lawrence ArtWalk Director. Her artwork appears on the ArtWalk invitational postcard, poster and this web site. Congratulations, Constance!

Constance graduated in December 1993 from the University of Kansas with an MFA in Painting. Since graduating she has pursued a career as a full-time artist, and has exhibited her work extensively across the nation and received numerous outstanding accolades. Constance is a giant in the Lawrence Arts scene! She is represented by the Lawrence Arts Center Gallery and the Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, KS.

Objects that are mimetic in nature have always fascinated Constance. This fascination led her to develop a series of paintings and drawings that she called ‘playthings.’ In these works she used toys as subject matter in order to explore their human attributes.

The worlds that Constance portrays in her work is within arms reach; there are no distant views. Within each of these intimate scenes, various toys and props are used to create a surreal environment. When depicting these toys, Constance attempts to reveal their individual personality. From the maniacal to the mysterious, from the whimsical to the absurd, these images go beyond ordinary still life. They become fantasy worlds in which inanimate objects come to life.


Constance Ehrlich's ArtWalk 2005 web page

Lawrence ArtWalk 2005 invitational postcard [PDF 54KB]