UPDATED: 18 November, 2006

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LJ-W: Lawrence Journal-World, Lawrence, KS

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061103 The Baker Orange, Baker University: "Lawrence ArtWalk attracts area talent"
061027, University of Kansas: "Beakend: October 27, 2006"
061022 LJ-W: "When pictures speak louder than words"
061022 LJ-W: Interactive guide map
Fall 2006 Arts In Action Lawrence Arts Center: "Art works for everyone"


051023 LJ-W: "A closer walk with art"
051023 LJ-W: GUIDE MAP
Fall 2005 Arts In Action Lawrence Arts Center: "Art Walker is sold on art. Are you?"


041024 LJ-W: "ArtWalk opens doors to artists' studios"

041022 The Baker Orange, Baker University: "County artists to join ArtWalk"

041020 City of Lawrence: "'T' partners with Lawrence ArtWalk"

041017 LJ-W: "Chart your course for Lawrence ArtWalk 2004"

041017 LJ-W: Lawrence ArtWalk 2004 Map

041017 LJ-W: "Only on Tuesdays"

041017 LJ-W: "Gallery Walk scheduled on eve of annual tour"

Lawrence Transit System: "Free Ridership Day: The "T" Supports the Community"

040926 LJ-W: "Lawrence ArtWalk gears up for 10th birthday party"

040815 Arts In Action © Lawrence Arts Center: "October is Lawrence ArtWalk Month"

040815 LJ-W: "Fall  Arts Preview"

040425 Arts In Action © Lawrence Arts Center: "Lawrence ArtWalk 2004"

040411 LJ-W: "Lawrence ArtWalk calls for artists"


Americans for the Arts: "National Arts and Humanities Month Celebrated Across the USA... The arts shone from October 25-26 when Lawrence, Kansas presented Lawrence ArtWalk 2003..."

031025 LJ-W: "ArtWalk among weekend offerings"

031019 LJ-W: "Mid-Western Sculptors' Guild members relish ‘great big room with no beams'"

031019 LJ-W: "Creative spaces, Lawrence ArtWalk 2003"

031019 LJ-W: "Mosaic shop designed to coax everyone's inner artist to surface"


021020 LJ-W: "Artwalk participants"

021020 LJ-W: "ArtWalk provides glimpse into artists' creative spaces"

011027 LJ-W: "ArtWalk, antique show lead the way this weekend"

011021 LJ-W: "Artwalk venues"

011021 LJ-W: "Downtown Tuesday Painters putting last brushstrokes on ArtWalk plans"

001022 LJ-W: "More than 80 artists to participate in ArtWalk 2000"

2000 PageWise, Inc.: "Twenty annual events to attend in Kansas"


The Lawrence ArtWalk has come to be regarded as one of Lawrence's premier arts events and draws visitors from everywhere, even internationally, who plan their visits to town around the event. The annual Lawrence ArtWalk is always scheduled in late October on the weekend before Halloween and is one of the earliest opportunities for buyers to shop for holiday gifts.

A Brief History

The event was started by Lawrence artist Diana Dunkley and book-store owner Pat Kehde in 1995 and originally featured just a walking tour of downtown Lawrence galleries and studios. While the original name of the event has been retained, venues are now located all across Lawrence and even beyond! Lawrence photographer and artist, John Wysocki co-organized the event with fellow artist Sarah Oblinger in 1996-97 and has been organizing the event ever since.

In 1996 (2nd annual), artwork was exhibited by 27 artists, two 'collectives' or groups of artists, and at six art galleries. By 2003 the event had grown to feature over 100 participants: artwork was exhibited at 62 locations in and around Lawrence by 76 artists and five artists' collectives or groups as well as 10 art galleries. In 2004, as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations, the event focused on artists and was preceded by a three-week long Preview Exhibition as well as a Downtown Lawrence Gallery Walk on the Friday before the ArtWalk weekend. Promotional materials have always featured the work of local graphic or fine artists.

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