UPDATED: October 19, 2007

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Artist must:

• Be a resident of Douglas County OR have a Lawrence address for a studio or place of work.

• Display only artist's own artwork at a Lawrence location other than an art gallery (a residence, studio or art space).

Studio with Commercial Gallery Space must:

• Meet Artist’s requirements above for studio portion of business.

• Register each artist separately who produces work in the studio.

Artists' Collective must:

• Be an artists' group that has an established name and convenes at a fixed, physical location on a regular basis.

• Have a Lawrence address at which work is exhibited.

• Display only the work of its members.


Benefits include:

 Eligibility for Featured Artist award (limited to an artist registered under the Artist or Studio categories and artwork images submitted in electronic form).

•  A listing in the Lawrence ArtWalk 2007 guide map, organized by location. Includes name, medium(s), special features, location contact info and directions.

•  A complimentary web page on the Lawrence ArtWalk 2007 website.

ARTIST OR EACH STUDIO ARTIST: Web page includes name, biographical statement, up to three images of representative pieces of artwork, and a link to the Artist’s website.

COLLECTIVE: Web page includes name, biographical statement, members’ names, up to nine images of representative pieces of artwork, and a link to the Collective’s website.

•  Minimum 25 copies each of the ArtWalk guide map and invitation postcards.

•  Retention of all sales proceeds with no commissions due to Lawrence ArtWalk!

•  Collectible ArtWalk poster, signed by the Featured Artist.


Registration for 2007 officially closed on June 15, 2007.


To inquire about registration details for 2008, please contact us by e-mail.