Downtown Tuesday Painters

Painting, wood, pencil & paper

DTP_Kay-a -Gis Gis_Jim Bennett
Kay-a-Gis Gis, 2010
Jim Bennett
DTP_three mexican musicians
Three Mexican Musicians, 2015

Collective Biographical Statement

The Downtown Tuesday Painters are a group of seniors using the Douglas County Senior Center as our studio for over 20 years. We are a group of 16 regulars and drop-ins. Our artists work in oil, water color, pen and ink, acrylics, clay, wood carving, etc. We have found a place to express ourselves, learn new things, and make good friends.

Downtown Tuesday Painters Active Members

Carole Peters
Gary Kampfer
Gail Ishmael
Frank Pondrom
Tom Harris
Bill Grubbs
Charlotte Neese
Jo Ward
Anne Martin
Ardis Comfort
Bill Dymacek
Susan Ashley
Wilma Lutz
Susan Miller
Wendy Rose
Carol Wilcox
Dar Williams
Bill Young

Location & Hours

Location: Douglas County Senior Services Center, 745 Vermont St., Lawrence KS, 66044

Saturday Oct. 22: 10 am – 6 pm*

*Artists at work, free snacks

Sunday Oct. 23: noon – 6 pm**

**Artists at work, free snacks

Website & Contact Info

Website: Douglas County Senior Services