Angie Ayrault

Painting and mixed media

Grosse Pointe Park, 2018
Mixed media on paper
8″ x 10″
Manhattan Summers, 2018
Mixed media on board
8″ x 10″
Menninger Days, 2018
Mixed media on board
8″ x 10″

Artist Biographical Statement

My work is the cathartic expression of years of working as a social worker with oppressed persons in a variety of intransigent settings such as prisons, emergency rooms and treatment facilities.  These experiences intermixed with my advocacy for social justice, form the basis for much of my art.  Created spontaneously and generally without any preconceived plan, my collages and paintings mimic the therapeutic interplay between therapist and patient, paint and surface, both metaphorical layers that I find infinitely fascinating.


The bright colors and textures in my work is my identification with positive attributes I associate with our shared human condition where I aim to bring a sense of lightness, hope and joy.  To that end, I have created an ongoing line of wearable apparel canvas paintings that have been featured in benefit auctions, particularly for homeless shelters and have been worn and collected by such celebrities as actor Rupaul and actress Anna Maria Horsford.  My work has been shown locally at the Cider Gallery, Lawrence Creates Makerspace, and the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City.

Location & Hours

Location: 720 East 9th Street, No. 5, Lawrence, KS 66044

**Parking in front, on the street and at the Cider Gallery

Also exhibiting at this location is Stephen T. Johnson

Saturday, Oct. 13: noon – 6 pm

Sunday, Oct. 14: noon – 5 pm

Website & Contact Info

Instagram: ayraultart

Email: [email protected]