Shakura Jackson

Valley Lane Studios

Photography, Antique Mixups,  Art Rescue Mission

Woman’s Work
Ice Gives Way to Nature
Gospel Music (Follow the Leader)

Artist Biographical Statement

I’ve been an artist all my life. Photography is my focus, often combining two or more images into a greater montage which is more visually stimulating, conveying what it is about more easily. My wish is to show the spirit of nature, the plants & the animals, the light. An art idea may exist for years before it can be accomplished.  Other times an instant/spontaneous response to what I see. I am guided, inspired, awakened or amused, for which I am deeply grateful.

Location & Hours

Location: 1335 Valley Lane, Lawrence, KS 66044

— Valley Lane Access from University Drive, just east of Iowa Street

*** Also at this location: Hobart Jackson & the Life Drawing Artists

Website & Contact Info

Email: [email protected]